10/30 Board Meeting Highlights

The well-attended HOA Board of Director’s Open meeting was held Monday at the Montecito Clubhouse.  The following are some of the highlights.  In the next few days, we will present more details on each of these items.

  • The Board voted unanimously to approve the 2018 Budget with only a scarce increase of the HOA dues of $4.00 per month.  The Board worked diligently to bring the budget into balance and the nominal dues increase was mostly due to the cost of living increases in staffing.
    • The Board voted (5-0).
  • After lots of input from homeowners, the committee recommending the CC&R’s and By-Law changes have narrowed the proposed changes into four areas up for our votes.  These are:
    • 1).  Remove Pulte from all Documents.
    • 2).  Remove Term Limits from Committee Members.
    • 3).  Remove Cumulative Voting
    • 4).  Minimum Rental – 45 Days removing the ability to rent your home for a minimum of one night provided a property manager is utilized.
    • The Board voted (4-0-1 Hedlund abstained from voting).
  • The documents we will be voting on will be sent on a thumb-drive for residents to view by the end of November.  There will also be documents available at the HOA for homeowner’s wanting a hard copy of these documents.
  • The Security Committee recommended to the Board a revision to the current fine structure.  They recommend keeping the traffic fine structure as is, with the exception of a first-offense measure for stop sign or speeding infractions which would leave the first offense fine at $200, with $100 held in abeyance if no 2nd offense within one year.  The board will need to distribute to the membership for a 30 day comment period prior to adopting the proposed change
    • The Board voted (5-0).