12 Ways Your HOA Board Sought Resident Input in 2015

Your Board has provided a variety of methods by which you can ask questions, make comments and provide suggestions to your Board, management and the Advisory Committee -- who all work on behalf of the common good of the community. You will receive an answer.

These are:

1. Direct Emails to each Board member. Each Board member has a dedicated email address that residents are encouraged to use to contact the Board. These emails can be found under the "Contact" menu bar on this website. Click on the link below to be taken to this menu item:

Board Contact Information

2. Phone numbers to the HOA Association office are also provided. This is where you can call to reach our General Manager, Ceasar Larrach. If you opt to email Ceasar Larrach at ceasar.larrach@associa.com, you may want to copy a Board member so that they can know what question or comment you have and help follow up if need be. Residents are not to ask employees to do things directly as chaos would clearly follow. If you have a request, please direct it to the General Manager for follow through.

3. hot-topics@scshca.com This is an email address where you can ask questions to the Board, both management firms, and our advisory committees. 7 of your friends and neighbors who volunteer on the Information Advisory Committee maintain this feature. They secure accurate answers from the appropriate source -- management, the Board or an advisory committee chair. These would include information about our finances, questions about landscape, suggestions for improvement to our community, etc. Each week, the Board President is provided with a tracking list of all questions asked and answered. Names of those asking the questions are kept anonymous.

4. Monthly Meet a Board Meeting meet-ups. This event was started by Joan Dzuro when she first took office in March 2014 and has been going on ever since. These are informal monthly forums held at either the Montecito or Santa Rosa Clubhouse -- where residents are invited to come and discuss the issues. 2 Board members are always at these meet ups.

5. Strategicplan@scshca.com. As the Board began its work on planning for the future of our community to ensure that it addressed current resident wants and needs and also looked toward what future residents might want in an active adult community -- a consideration necessary to keep our property values up -- the Board established an email address "strategicplan@scshca.com" where residents could provide comments and questions about our future. In addition, the Board has held several open study meetings that residents were invited to attend to provide input.

6. Ask A Question feature of the official community website. This serves the same purpose as "Ask A Question" - it just provides another communication vehicle for residents to be heard. It also allows residents to report any problems, such as lost dogs, tree limbs down, etc.

7. Budget Study Sessions. Each year as our advisory committees and Board work to develop our annual budget, the Board holds open study sessions to which residents are encouraged to attend. They are also encouraged to provide input.

8. Board Meeting Open Forum. The Board meeting is actually a corporate Board meeting. Our Homeowners Association is a corporation and our HOA Board is its Board of Directors. At these meetings, residents are provided time to publicly ask questions of and/or make comments to the Board. If the residents questions are detailed financial questions that require access to the General Ledger, those types of questions would be better asked of the Treasurer in an email or to hot-topics@scshca.com. If residents have specific questions concerning detail in the voluminous Reserve Study, the resident would do best to submit those questions via email to the Board Treasurer.

9. Changes to the CC&Rs. Currently the CC&Rs are being worked on by a group of volunteer resident attorneys and one extremely detailed and capable resident. Once the proposed changes are completed, they will be mailed to all homeowners who will have a vote. any CC&R changes require a 50% plus 1 majority vote.

10. Changes to Club Rules and Regulations. All Club Presidents were sent an email from Lifestyles asking for their questions and comments as to things they would like to see changed in the Charter Club Rules and Regulations. The comments and questions sent in are being compiled and reviewed. Proposed changes will be sent to the Board who will send it out to Clubs for another review.

11. Changes to Rules and Regulations. Once work begins on revisions to the Rules and Regulations, residents will be asked to submit their questions and comments to a dedicated email address beginning in January.

12. Advisory Committee Meetings. Residents who have comments or suggestions that might improve our community in a specific way, are encouraged to contact the appropriate Advisory Committee Chair. Many residents have been invited to attend advisory committee meetings to present their ideas.

If anyone has any additional ideas as to how residents can have two way communication with our Board, management and advisory committee chairs, please send to hot-topics@scshca.com.