2022 HOA Election Candidate Statements

Disclaimer: Neither the Association nor the management company made any revisions, alterations, and/or corrections to the information submitted by the candidates. The information was transferred exactly as submitted, per Civil Code. Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name.

Jerry Conrad

Hello neighbors.

My name is Jerry Conrad and I am running for a position on the SCSH Board of Directors. I will bring a balanced point of view to our association. I am asking for your vote.

After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, I started a tennis business that lasted over forty years. I developed good communication skills and an ability to work with people. As an independent contractor, I was involved in the nuts and bolts of developing and maintaining a small business from the ground up.

I am a firm believer that volunteering is an excellent avenue to supporting our community. I have purchased homes in three separate Homeowners Associations and was president of the Carriage Hills HOA community of 440 homes in northern California. Most recently I was a member and co-chair of the SCSH covenants committee on which I served from 2018 - 2021.

My priorities for maintaining home values and community well-being are simple:

  • Support the rules and regulations of our association to keep our community safe and secure.
  • Maintain our grounds and infrastructure at a high level to keep our community looking great.
  • Ensure financial heath and security by keeping our reserves at their high levels.
  • Make every effort to keep our dues among the lowest in the valley.
  • Work to make sure every homeowner is represented and given ample opportunity to provide input.

I look forward to sharing more details with you during the upcoming campaign.

Terry Coon

Hello, my name is Terry Coon and I am excited to be running for a position on our HOA Board! I have lived in our outstanding community for the past 8 years moving here from the Pacific Northwest. I have a BS & MS in Elementary Education with a Special Education minor from Portland State University, 1970 and an earned Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Gonzaga University, 1992.

My career included teaching, school principal, education director of both curriculum and special education. In each position I held leadership roles in which I learned how to interact with varied audiences to bring about consensus through negotiation and compromise, both budget building and management, how to listen, and how to interact with a variety of persons including students, parents, fellow teachers and administrators, state department personnel, and state legislators.

Since moving to SCSH I have been on the Emergency Preparedness Committee and also currently serve on the Information Advisory Committee. On that committee, I monitor “Ask a Question/Make a Suggestion” and get residents the answers they deserve and forward resident suggestions to appropriate personnel.

I believe the Board has an obligation to keep residents informed of Board business in a transparent and honest manner. Executive sessions need to be held only when it is necessary while strictly adhering to California code. Board members should work cooperatively with other Board members to keep our community attractive; our home values high; our finances strong while maintaining dues in a reasonable manner. If elected, I promise to represent all members of our community. Thank you for your support.

Johnny Goodrum

As a current member and Vice President of your Board of Directors, I have had the pleasure to serve our residents for the past two years. My goals are to preserve homeowner values, keep our HOA assessment at current levels, make responsible fiduciary decisions for our HOA and provide a safe and well managed HOA for all residents through our partners in management. I am the Board liaison to three important committees, Food & Beverage, Health & Fitness and Facilities & Services. I would like to continue my commitment to these goals and committees and ask you for your vote to reelect me to serve the residents of our HOA as your Board Member.

Kathy Lindstrom

My name is Kathy Lindstrom and I am a candidate for SCSH Board of Directors.

My career was as an educator. I was a special education teacher, high school counselor and an administrator. During my 38 year career, I received various commendations from the community, as well as from educators, including Teacher of the Year. My responsibilities included the budget, food services, discipline, and curriculum. My administrative skills were in program development and team building. I was considered a problem solver and was called upon to mediate and resolve differences.

Volunteerism has been a constant in my adult life - snack bars, soccer coach, team mom, high school booster boards, the Education Foundation Board of Directors. I have also been an active volunteer in our church - Sunday School teacher to facilitating adult bible studies. Here in the Coachella Valley, my husband and I have organized Shadow Hills residents to work at the FIND Food Bank. I also volunteer weekly at the Southwest Church Thrift Store sorting clothes for distribution to the homeless and for sale in the store.

Living here for 8 years, my husband and I have enjoyed the Shadow Hills clubs. We have danced the night away at Meet and Eat and sampled the delights of Tutta Bella. I golf with the Classy Niners and play Bridge. I was the President of one of our largest Charter Clubs, Tuesday Night Putters, for three years. I have served on the Food and Beverage Advisory Committee for two years and I now serve as the current chairperson of this committee since February 2021.

My leadership skills lie in facilitating positive action. I would be honored to serve in a leadership role on our Board of Directors as we continue to make SCSH a diamond in the desert.

Scott Pessin

Hello, I’m Scott Pessin, and I am running for a seat on the board of directors. Normally if it’s not the ice cream truck, I’m not running. Getting straight to the point, I will make a positive addition to OUR board. After attending the board meetings, budget meetings, and currently sitting on the ad-hoc subcommittee for Shadows I have concerns about what the future looks like here, and I want to help get us back on track, moving in the right direction. I have heard you, and you share my same concerns. All new candidates offer the promise of “transparency”, “better communications”, “more fiscal responsibility” blah, blah, blah. As a homeowner I want what you want. A beautiful friendly and inviting community, a balanced budget, reserves for emergencies, appreciating home values, and the finest amenities our modest dues can afford. I would only be one voice/vote on the board, but it will always be OUR voice/vote. My qualifications most applicable . . . I Care! I have been in sales and marketing my entire career. In the 80s my company Slides Unlimited worked with many Fortune 500 companies in creating their visuals and scripts as part of their sales meetings and stockholder meetings. In the 90’s when cellular phone service was just getting started, I ran the first company in California to go up against the big two service providers and lower the rates. As a high school football coach for many years, I know how to bring out the best in the team and to surround myself with the right team for the job. Presently I am a Realtor and Mortgage Broker. I am a skilled negotiator, I crunch numbers, and I prioritize what is most pressing. I would be humbled to receive your vote to make this happen.

Reginald Powell

Reginald Dunn Powell (Reggie) holds several bachelors degrees in various, but related, fields. He holds a Sociology and Social Service degree from Oklahoma State University. A Criminal Justice and Psychology degree from The University of Central Oklahoma. A degree in Education from California State University, and a Masters in Education Administration also from California State University.

Reggie has presented his formula for success at professional conferences and workshops throughout the country and is the author of the book “Climbing The Stairs, A Walk Through Life.” He has presented many workshops on several topics, including, but not limited to: how to work with troubled youth and teens, new teacher’s orientation, overcoming life’s struggles, and how to turn your struggles into lessons that will lead to your success.

Reggie served on many committees such as NEA (National Education Association/RA Resolution Committee Member for 6 (six) years and was also a member of NEA Teachers Bargaining and Pay committee for six years. He also served as CTA (California Teachers Association) RESOLUTION CHAIR. Reggie is respected by many students and colleagues alike. He has been recognized as one who encourages others and fosters multicultural awareness and understanding. In 1998, Reggie received the Teacher of the Heart Award, and has been selected “Teacher of the Year” three times. He has also has been honored in “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, (one of the top 5000 teachers in the United States, and also named California District 56 Veteran of the year, 2018.

He is known to be A Man of Focus/A Positive Leader, A Man Of Action, Not Just Words.

It Is Time For A Change/A Time For Action /Allow Me To To Be Your Positive Voice, Making A Difference For All.