4th of July

On behalf of SCSH HOA Board and Management Staff, we wish all our friends and neighbors in SCSH a very Happy Fourth of July, and we cannot forget the HEROES who have fought and are still fighting for this GREAT Country! To all of our SCSH Veterans, a sincere THANK YOU for your service to this great FREE nation!!

See you all tomorrow at the 4th of July Celebration at 12:00 noon at the Montecito Clubhouse.

We are making every attempt for a smooth registration and check-in for our 4th of July event. An impressive total of 285 excited homeowners signed up to attend and we need your help to make this a great party for everyone to enjoy.

Please abide by the following check-in process:

  • Check-in will be in the breezeway near the clock tower (off the Capistrano room). Wristbands must be worn prior to check-in and ticket must be presented upon entering the Fourth of July event.
  • RED Wristbands are for inside the Ballroom Seating and BLUE Wristbands are for the Lobby Area (this includes the Capistrano, CafĂ© area, Cambria, Mirada, if needed)

If you have any questions contact Connie King, Lifestyle Director at 760-345-4349. Ext. 2124.