$50K Is Nothing to Sneeze At

Fellow Homeowners, we have an opportunity to save our HOA $50K. How you may ask? It’s simple. JUST VOTE on the CC&R and By-Law changes.

As you know the HOA and a group of volunteers have spent countless hours and over $50,000 on this process. In order to complete the process, we need approximately 2,500 ballots returned out of the 3,450 homes. To date we only have about 1,600.

If we are unable to complete this balloting process it will have to be started over. Starting over means an additional $50,000. Why spend another $50,000 when it’s not necessary?

If you have not already voted, PLEASE DO SO. A second round of packets with a ballot and election specifics have been mailed to households that have not yet voted. Ballot drop-off boxes are located at the Santa Rosa and Montecito Clubhouses.

If you have already voted, THANK YOU. Please remind your friends and neighbors to vote. We all know $50,000 is nothing to sneeze at.