9.1.16 – SCSH HOA Annual Budget Study Session Report

Our Directors held another Annual Budget Study Session on Thursday 9.1.16 in the Montecito Ballroom.

Again, these sessions determine the SCSH Annual budget for 2017. The Board is looking at revenue and expenses which ultimately determine how our amenities are funded and what are dues for 2017 will eventually be determined to be.

3 residents attended the meeting.

Roland Vaughn, GM of the F&B and Golf Club, presented the preliminary 2017 budget for these areas. Troon is estimating a $1.2 million subsidy for golf and a $265K subsidy for F&B. Part of the reason for the reduction in costs is Troon's ability to purchase items at a lower costs through bulk buying. Because they run many clubs in the CV, they can negotiate good deals. In addition, Troon has enhanced marketing plans for our North course in particular. Troon has a great website (click here) where golfers from around the world who visit the CV check to see where the best places to play are. Our North course is considered one of the best, beautiful and most challenging 3 par courses in the CV. Another reason Troon expects to see more play on our courses in 2017, is because of the marketing efforts that they have in place.

Anyone who has a serious interest in the finances of our community will want to attend these study sessions if possible.