A Message From Joan DZURO, Board President

On March 3, at our Community Business Meeting, we will learn as a community who has been elected to our HOA Board.

First, the Board wants to thank everyone who ran for an office. It is not easy to put yourself out front and run for any office, and we appreciate residents who care enough about our community to do so. Second, the Board wants everyone to know that — whoever is elected to serve on our Board starting March 3, 2016 — we hope everyone will get behind them to help them succeed.

To support this Board you can:

1. Attend monthly Board meetings to hear what is being decided. If you are unable to attend, you can still watch the Board meetings because they are videotaped and posted on the website.

2. Read the website and the View regularly to get information about where our Association stands financially and what is occurring throughout the community, especially the fun events that are planned throughout the year.
3. Share your ideas about how to make our community better or any concerns you may have directly with Board members versus just posting on the site Next Door.

4. If “Meet a Board Member” sessions continue, attend and share your thoughts and concerns in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. 5. Volunteer to help on the over 12 committees that serve our community.

We have so many talented people as residents. Information about the committees, and volunteer forms, are located in the HOA office. We are always in need of people to help us out. Keep in mind, however, that in order to serve on a committee you must be a homeowner in the community.

Congratulations to those who prevail in the election, and may God continue to watch over and protect our wonderful community. Joan