A Note from Marc Goldberg – Chair of the Information Advisory Committee

Since I became chair of the Information Advisory Committee nearly three months ago, we’ve divided our “Ask a Question” section into two parts:  Recent Questions and the Q & A Database.

Recent Questions are just that:  questions you’ve asked during the past month that are relevant to all homeowners. Questions that are specific to an individual homeowner will still be answered, but not added to our website.  The Q & A Database will be a permanent collection of matters of long term concern to our community.

Remember that in order to participate in the “Ask a Question” section of our website, you must be a registered homeowner.  If you need help in logging in, please contact communications manager Gus Ramirez at the Santa Rosa Clubhouse.  His phone number is 760-345-4349, ext. 2204.

If you like something on our website, please share it with your neighbors.  If there’s something that you don’t like, please let me know at marcg0312@gmail.com.