Ad Hoc Governing Documents Advisory Committee

In the Spring of 2015, your HOA Board established a committee to propose revisions to our community governing documents. Since that time, this committee has been hard at work.

The committee is comprised of 6 resident volunteers, 4 of whom are attorneys. Their first task is to address our CC&Rs. Georgeana Mimms is the Chair of the Committee and Stu Stryker is your HOA Board liaison to the Committee

What are our CC&Rs? The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) explain what the homeowners association is responsible for and what the individual homeowner is responsible for. They also outline how the Association lives together and operates. The CC&Rs are the highest level of documents in the Association, only overruled by the law; not to be confused with the Bylaws, which dictate how the HOA operates as an organization, or the HOA Rules & Regulations which the board has the authority to change.

The CC&Rs are first created by the developer of the homeowners association when it’s incorporated.

Our CC&R governing document contains references to Pulte, the developer of our community. These references will be amended as Pulte leaves our community. In addition, other elements of the CC&Rs are being reviewed to see what changes might be needed to operate our community in the best way possible. The document is also being reviewed for compliance with state and federal law and the committee has secured copies of the CC&Rs from similar communities in the Coachella Valley for comparison.

Your HOA Board will be provided with these recommended revisions for their review. And our attorney will also review.

If you have any comments you'd like to provide to the committee, please feel free to write to and write "Governing Documents" in the subject line of your email. Please ensure that your email addresses issues in the CC&Rs only.

You were provided with CC&Rs when you purchased your home. If you have misplaced the document, you can find it on this website in the "Residents Only" area.

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