All About Committee Membership by Ceasar Larrach

Every year about this time a very important process begins. That process is the approval of our committee
chair persons and then the committee members by the Board. If you have not served on a SCSH committee or
even if you have, it might be difficult for you to realize how much the committee structure means to SCSH.

The Board and staff work hard and perform many tasks to help keep the community operating as well as possible. However, the research, evaluations and projects that the committees undertake equate to a significant portion of the Association’s work. Simply put, without the committees there would be a need for a much larger staff (more expense to the homeowners) or the community would not be able to accomplish the volume of work that is presently undertaken.

Please consider being part of the solution and volunteer for one of our vital advisory committees or other volunteer opportunities we have. In addition to ad hoc committees that the Board may appoint fromtime to time, the committees here at SCSH are;

Communication Committee
Design Review Committee
F&B Committee
Finance Committee
Information Committee
Landscape Committee
Golf Committee
Safety Committee

The Board provides each committee with a job description,  goal and mission statement to help it succeed
as a community resource.

Our association has three types of committees:
• Administrative committees, like our Design Review Committee, are set out in our association’s bylaws
and CC&Rs. They are ongoing, permanent and often have clearly defined power and authority.

• Standing committees, such as our Finance and Safety Committees, are established by the board for an
ongoing and specific purpose. These committees generally make recommendations to and act under
the supervision of the Board.
• Ad-hoc committees, such as our Facilities, Transition and Governing Document Re-Wording Committees,
are established by the Board as needed for specific projects and tasks. When the task is complete, the committee is disbanded.

Now is your opportunity to get involved in shaping the future of your community. If you are interested please
fill out the “SCSH Community Association Advisory Interest Form” which is located in the HOA office or on
the website and return it to the HOA office.