An interview with Greg Middlebrook – Board Member

Note: Greg and Sandy Middlebrook are moving to Oregon in November to be closer to children and grandchildren. His resignation from our all volunteer Homeowners Association Board will be effective at the November Board meeting at which time, Vicki Berg, long time resident of SCSH and DRC Co-chair -- will take Greg's position on the Board.

An Interview with Greg Middlebrook by Phyllis Cohen

Who would have guessed that our own Board member Greg Middlebrook was a secret agent? Well, not exactly, but close enough. During a five-year
active duty stint in the US Navy, Greg was a Nuclear Weapons Courier with the Polaris Missile Facilities West division, where one of his duties was to carry secret documents across the country. Greg also traveled to Guam every month by ship to transport Polaris missiles. Do we see a book and movie
in Greg’s future?

Greg was born and raised in Long Beach. His father, the first real estate developer to build in Irvine Ranch, wanted Greg to follow in his footsteps. But Greg had other ideas: someday he wanted to become a lawyer and, after graduating from St. Mary’s College in northern California, he enlisted in the Navy to pay for his law school tuition.

After leaving active service, Greg worked for Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach in contract and subcontract administration while he attended Pepperdine Law School at night. After passing the bar, Greg practiced insurance defense law, eventually starting his own San Bernardino law firm with one of his Pepperdine classmates in 1978. That firm ultimately grew to employ 14 attorneys. He retired earlier this year after enjoying a successful career
that he says he truly loved.

Married for 38 years, Greg and his wife, Sandy, have four children between them. Although currently “dogless” they previously owned three Bichons. The Middlebrooks moved to SCSH in 2007 and are fond of traveling, especially road trips.

Spending 30 – 40 hours a month on Board activities keeps Greg pretty busy. He says his biggest achievement thus far is helping to develop a new review process that ensures a complete annual review of all Association contracts. During his term, three new contractors have been hired (landscape, golf management, and food and beverage).

Greg is also proud of his participation in “Meet a Board Member” sessions along with Board colleague Joan Dzuro. His favorite thing about living in SCSH, Greg says, is that there are so many options to pursue here. Beyond his Board duties, Greg is active in Men’s Golf – he has a 13 handicap – and the
Veteran’s Club. He also serves as a board member of the Indio Performing Arts Center.

Reprinted from the VIEW as a joint project of the IAC and CAC. All Board members were given the opportunity to participate. Phyllis Cohen prepared a standardized set of interview questions to which all Board members were asked to respond.