Answers to February 23 Trivia

1. Which formula One Driver was kidnapped in February 1958?

Bob Anderson
Juan Manuel Fangio
Red Amick
Skip Barber

2. What disaster occurred in February 1887 on the Mediterranean resulting in the death of 2, 000 people?

An earthquake
A tsunami
A hurricane
A volcano eruption

3. Which of the following had a subway crash in February 1975 resulting in the death of forty-three people?

New York

4. In February 1953, what famous scientific/medical breakthrough occurred?

DNA structure discovered
First heart transplant
X-ray machine developed
The iron lung was first used

5. Which famous building was the site of a bombing on the t wenty -sixt h of February, 1993?

Karl Marx's grave
Oklahoma City
World Trade Center
Buckingham Palace