Answers to Super Bowl Trivia

1. Which player won the most consecutive Super Bowls?

Ken Norton, Jr
Deion Sanders
Tom Brady
Chris Long

2. Who is the oldest player to play in the Super Bowl?

Adam Venatieri
Matt Stover
Payton Manning
Tom Brady

3. Which QB had the highest passing rating in a single Super Bowl game?

Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Troy Aikman
Phil Simms

4. Who had the most rushing yards in one Super Bowl game?

Emmitt Smith
Franco Harris
Marcus Allen
Timmy Smith

5. Who had the longest rushing TD from scrimmage in a Super Bowl game?

Willie Parker
Colin Kaepernick
John Riggins
Herschel Walker

6. Who had the most receptions in one Super Bowl game?

Jerry Rice
Rob Gronkowski
James White
Michael Irvin

7. Who had the most sacks in one Super Bowl game?

Lawrence Taylor
Reggie White
L.C. Greenwood
Dwight White

8. Who had the longest field goal in a Super Bowl game?

Steve Gostkowski
Steve Christie
Adam Venatieri
Don Chandler