Answers to Trivia Tuesday #6

Three of the first five years of Oscar’s Best Supporting Actor were won by the same person. Who accomplished this feat?

Walter Brennan
Gary Cooper
Andy Devine
Buddy Ebsen

Three of the following are actual cities in the United States. Which one isn’t?

Jerusalem, Utah
Three Brothers, Arkansas
Frostproof, Florida
Mud Pie, Michigan

Of the four U.S. presidents depicted on Mt. Rushmore, which one signed the legislation starting the Secret Service?

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Teddy Roosevelt

What does the WD in WD-40 stand for?

Wallace Duncan
Water Displacer
Waste Detergent
Wash Disinfectant

One side of the Nobel Peace Prize medal is an engraving of Alfred Nobel. What is on the other side?

Three naked men
Three doves
Three olive branches
Three sticks of dynamite