Arnold Choy

I was born in San Francisco, CA, in 1950, retired 60 years later and moved to SCSH. My dream was to retire and write my memoirs. I looked for an active community, and there was none better than SCSH. After taking two writing courses, I started the journey, received lots of help from friends and fellow writers, and then self-published The Good Son.

My working background consisted of 40 years of operations, finance, and administration in Information Technology. My hobbies included biking, basketball, tennis, bowling, and skiing earlier and later added golf and line dancing (I tried Ballroom Dancing, but the key word here is “tried”). My motto has always been “work hard, and play hard.”


Join me on the journey of what it was like growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. From kindergarten through college, the roller-coaster ride also gives you a good picture of how and why I became who I am today. Read about the unyielding love of my brothers, the birth of my son, the agony and sadness of divorce, travels to other countries, and the joy of being with Margarite for over 40 years now.