Behind the Scenes: The Communications Advisory Committee

Recently, I sat down with Shaun Casey, Chair of the SCSH Communications Advisory Committee (CAC) , to chat about this committee and to find out what it’s all about. What follows is the contents of that conversation.

Q: Can you tell me how long you’ve been chair of the CAC and what your background is in communications?

A: I’ve been the chair for five years. My background in communications started as a kid. My father was a newspaper reporter, so I’ve been around writing and publications all my life. During my Army days, I published several newsletters and articles.

Q: How many members are on this committee?

A: There are six resident members assisted by the general manager and staff. We sometimes invite others into the meetings to share information and ideas pertinent to communication at SCSH. We also work with other SCSH committees. Our regular committee members have a wide range of backgrounds including photography, writing, publications, and business. It’s a well diversified, professional group.

Q: What are the responsibilities of the CAC?

A: We oversee the View magazine. That includes content, editing, advertising, quality control, just about everything. I think our Mission Statement says it all: “To promote the community and recognize the individuals who contribute to the identity of the community, and to impart information relevant to the community as a whole.”  We use the website to provide up-to-date information; and the focus of the View is to highlight stories about our residents plus events both in the community and throughout the area that affect SCSH.

Q: In your opinion, what has been the most important growth or achievement in your five-year tenure as chair of this committee?

A: Definitely the growth of the View It’s doubled to twice the volume in the past five years. It now has its own subcommittee of writers and photographers. The quality is better, and we’ve added more photographs and community information. We’ve upgraded the print quality. Our editing is very professional. It’s really become a first-rate publication done largely by resident homeowners. I’m very proud of the work we’re doing with the View and how far it’s evolved in the last few years.

Q: Looking forward, where is the CAC taking us in the near future?

A: We’re always looking for new and better ways to communicate and provide information. Our new website homepage is exciting. It’s going to have more and easier access to the information our residents want and need. Committee member Lee Powell echoed many of Casey’s comments. “I spent my career as a writer and an editor, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work with such fine colleagues here. Each brings unique talents to the mix, and we all approach our work like it’s a ‘real job.’ I hope our readers agree that the Viewhas come a long way over the past few years to become a truly professional publication.” Sid Weiss, another committee member, says, “I have expanded my skills as a photographer by being a member of the Communications Advisory Committee. I’ve been exposed to photography situations that are not otherwise available to me.  I enjoy being associated and working with the committee’s talented and stimulating members. My reward is the personal satisfaction I obtain from my participation with HOA staff, the writers, and the photographers.” Beth Bolduc agrees. “We have a terrific, energetic group of writers, editors, HOA staff, and community leaders who are sincerely interested in bringing the best to SCSH.” As a committee member, Beth enjoys writing for the View. “Meeting the people I interview and telling their stories, highlighting our clubs and committees, and exploring places of interest in the Valley are certainly a lot more fun than writing catalog advertising copy as I did for some years.” Sun City Shadow Hills is indeed benefiting from the hard work of the Communications Advisory Committee. We have a first-class magazine in the View and an ever improving website that provide important and timely information from and for our community.

Written by Vicki Prince and reprinted here from the September VIEW