Behind the Scenes: The Design Review Committee

“When I retired and moved here,” said JIM WIEBORG, Chairman of the Design Review Committee (DRC), “I saw a lot of trees in distress.”
A certified arborist who came here from an exclusive golf club and who was responsible for 3,000 date palms, he added, “Some trees were never pruned, pruned badly, or just neglected. I joined the Committee to volunteer my skills and be of assistance. But pruning is still one of our big problems in the community.”

Unlike the other committees in our community which serve in an advisory capacity to the Board, the DRC has authority to enforce our design rules and oversee applications for new construction, improvements, additions, violations, etc. — everything to do with conformity and aesthetics that help maintain the visual harmony of SCSH.

The DRC has five regular members and two alternates. All members are homeowners like you, in Sun City Shadow Hills.  The homeowners on this committee can be found on the DRC Committee Roster, available on this website.

Recently the Design Rules were revised. The new Design Rules are available on this website in the Residents Only area.  With the current drought, artificial turf may now replace grass lawns. In Phase 3, the developer changed curb design, which affects landscaping projects. The Committee meets twice a month, and members split up inspections. There are hundreds of applications and forms to go through every month. At meetings, Committee members use a laptop to display on a large screen the exact rule they are dealing with; if they aren’t familiar with something, they Google it.  They must know about city requirements, structural safety, materials, antennas, solar, skylights, awnings, dirt, gravel and rocks, plus types of trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs. It’s a pretty heavy commitment.