Board Approves Limited Overseeding – Schedule Available Here

The Board unanimously approved limited over seeding resulting in $185,000 in savings.

At the board meeting the Golf Advisory Committee recommendation for water conservation and financial savings of approximately $185,000 for selective over seeding (tees, fairways and greens) was approved. Additionally, if we do not over seed wall to wall, it will be healthier for the turf and allow labor for other tasks.

This program was recommended by Brian Whitlark USGA Agronomist.

The following schedule is the approximate. The schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.

North Course
Close 9/21/14
Re-open 10/13/14

South Course
Close 10/13/14
Re-open 11/3/14

(There is a terrific article in the September VIEW on overseeding by Lee Powell)