Board Asks for Updated Review of Fine Schedule

The new fine schedule has not been a popular topic, however, the goal the Safety Committee had when they made their recommendations to the Board of Directors was to put traffic at the top of mind of our residents to help keep everyone safe, especially our pedestrians.

Their recommendation worked. When you look at the number of speeders the 7 months before the fine change we had 135 speeding violations and 469 failures to stop. In the 7 months since the fines have been in effect we have had 79 speeding violations and 282 failures to stop. This is a 59% reduction in speeding violations and 40% in failures to stop. Thank you safety committee for your hard work on this unpopular, but very important topic.

Understanding the concerns residents have expressed regarding the current fine schedule at the board meeting on October 19, 2015 the board asked that the Safety Committee update the survey they did a couple of years ago, looking at what other HOA’s in the Coachella Valley do today regarding fines for speeders and people who fail to stop at stop signs. After reviewing the information the committee will make a recommendation to the board at the December 2015 board meeting on what they think will keep traffic at the top of mind of the residents.