Board Restructure

At the Executive Session of the Board of Directors meeting on July 27, 2015 Director Hedlund informed the board members she was planning on resigning her position as Treasurer of the Board during the open forum that afternoon. Based on this information the board members discussed who should be responsible for what position.

The result of the vote was:

  • President: Joan Dzuro

  • Vice-President: Greg Middlebrook

  • Treasurer: Stu Stryker

  • Secretary: John Council

  • Member-at-large: Erica Hedlund

These changes will become effective August 10, 2015.

Stu started volunteering in our community by serving on the Finance Committee and since being on the board has helped lead the community through 3 balanced budgets and 3 reserve reviews. His expertise in these areas is going to be invaluable as we start the budget process in early September.