Cat Burglaries

From the Desk of:
David Archer
Community Safety Director

Recently we have experienced a couple of Cat burglaries here within the Sun City Shadow Hills Community. What that means is that someone entered a home for the purpose of committing a theft while the occupants were asleep in the home.

While there is no need for any undue concern, we still need to be reminded to take certain common sense measures to limit the potential of our becoming a victim of such crimes.

  1. If you park a vehicle on the driveway make sure it is locked and that the garage door remote or any other valuables are not left inside the vehicle.
  2. Be sure to always lock the garage door leading into the residence.
  3. Get an alarm system and learn how to use it.
  4. If you don’t want an alarm system then get some alarm monitoring stickers and put them in the corner of a few prominent windows.
  5. If your residence borders a perimeter wall install motion lights in the back of the residence.
  6. Keep a charged cell phone by your bed. In the event you hear an intruder in your home DO NOT attempt to confront them. Call 911 immediately and secure your bedroom from unwanted entry.

We don’t need to live in fear. But we do need to take responsibility for our own personal security. The above list of suggestions will aid greatly toward that endeavor.