Desert Living Tip of the Month: Trash Talk!

Has your trash can ever disappeared on garbage collection day? No worries. It was not kidnapped and ransom is not required to replace it! We contacted Burrtec Customer Service and learned that occasionally as the trash container dumps its contents into the truck, it slips from the mechanical arm and slides into the vehicle. Drivers cannot retrieve the cans until they empty the trucks at the waste collection center. However, Burrtec will replace the trash can free of charge. Below is the least messy way to resolve this issue and information regarding trash collection in our community.

Trash Container Replacement:

  • If it’s a windy day, check nearby streets to see if your trash can has rolled away.
  • If you cannot locate the trash can, call Burrtec at 760-340-2113 and explain what happened.
  • Burrtec will deliver a new trash or recycle container for free.

SCSH Trash Collection Information:

  • All trash, recycling materials, and green waste must be kept in proper Burrtec containers.
  • Burrtec is the company responsible for waste disposal and receives payment automatically through your property taxes.
  • Residents must store all containers so they are not visible from the street, common areas, or golf courses and should be concealed behind a solid wall or in the garage except on scheduled trash pick-up days.
  • All containers can be placed curbside no earlier than 4:00 pm the day before collection, and you should store them properly no later than 10:00 pm on pick-up days.

Trash Talk Extras.:

  • Burrtec observes 6 Holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
  • When a holiday falls on or before our pick-up day, Tuesday, trash pick-up will occur on Wednesday.
  • Burrtec provides a bulky item pick-up service. Call their office at least 48 hours prior to regular pick-up for this service.
  • Vacation hold is unavailable to our community, and refunds are not available since residents pay Burrtec through property tax bills.
  • Contact Burrtec with any questions at 760-340-2113 or email

Now that the “Case of the Missing Trash Can” is solved, we wish all SCSH residents a clean and healthy year.

Desert Living Tip of the Month: Desert Fun-Cation!

Many residents take vacations across the nation or to foreign shores. Yet some prefer to stay home and enjoy a Desert Fun-Cation! Our temperatures rise during the summer, but you and your guests can still enjoy the amazing free activities available in our community. Following is a list of free indoor and outdoor activities and a reminder of HOA rules for guests.

Fabulous Free Outdoor SCSH Activities:

  • Six Tennis Courts
  • Six Pickleball Courts
  • Seven Bocce Ball Courts
  • Two Shuffleboard Courts
  • Basketball Half-Court
  • Two Golf Courses (Pay to Play Golf Fees extra)
    • Regulation Golf Course
    • Nationally Recognized Executive Golf Course
  • Three Putting Greens
  • Two Swimming Pools and Spas
  • Two Dog Parks

Fun-Filled Indoor SCSH Clubhouse Activities:

  • 2 Air-Conditioned Clubhouses
  • 1 Indoor Pool & Spa
  • 2 Fitness Centers
  • 50+ Chartered Clubs (either minimal or no cost) offering games, crafts, and intellectual pursuits outlined in “The View” monthly magazine
  • Library filled with current Fiction and Non-Fiction Books
  • Six Billiard Tables
  • Ping-pong Tables set up frequently
  • Computers
  • Weekly Movies and Scheduled Outdoor Concerts and Events

HOA Guest Regulations:

  • Guests of any age may stay with SCSH residents for up to 60 days and nights in a calendar year.
  • Host Resident is responsible for the behavior and actions of their Guests.
  • Each home receives 1 Guest Pass at no charge.
  • Guests 17 years of age and older must have a valid Guest Pass or be accompanied by the Host Resident while using Common Areas and Recreational Facilities.
  • Follow age and use restrictions for Guests using Common Areas, Recreational Facilities, and equipment.
  • The Host Resident or responsible adult guest with a valid Guest Pass must accompany guests sixteen years of age or younger.

We hope you and your guests enjoy a wonderful SCSH Desert Fun-Cation this summer and all year round. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, drink plenty of fluids, and indulge in delicious meals at Shadows, our fabulous restaurant!

Desert Living Tip of the Month: Rock On!

Our arid desert climate makes it difficult to grow verdant green lawns. Most of us plant cactus, palm trees, and various desert vegetation to beautify the exterior of our homes. In place of grass, we use desert-hued rock-ettes to cover the sand.

Strangely, those small pebbles mysteriously disappear, leaving patches of barren dirt and sand. Do you wonder what happens to the rock-ettes? Are they eaten by desert prowlers, absorbed into the ground like quicksand, or spirited away by aliens? We may never solve the mystery of the disappearing pebbles. Don’t fret; if you want to purchase new rock-ettes to refresh your landscaping, follow the HOA and DRC rules below.

Ground Surface Requirements:

  • When refreshing your garden, homeowners must replenish with “like for like” materials unless a Home Improvement Application is submitted.
  • You must cover all ground surfaces of all yards not covered with hardscape with inert or living materials.
  • Inert materials must be a minimum size of 3/8” and a maximum of 7/8”.
  • The color and material must be compatible with the material originally provided by the Developer.
  • For this Rule, you cannot consider topsoil as inert material.
  • You may not use artificially colored or painted rocks as ground cover.
  • You may not use ground cover or rocks to spell out names, nicknames, athletic teams, slogans, or any other communication.

You are not required to purchase the ground cover material from a preferred list.
Rock-on SCSH residents and enjoy the low-maintenance landscaping that colorful pebbles provide.

Desert Living Tip of the Month: Light Up the Desert Sky

With our extreme summer heat, we can still enjoy social gatherings in our backyards in the evening when the temperatures drop. String lighting is a great way to light up our desert sky for barbecues and night time swims. Many residents may be unaware of our community requirements for string lighting. Below are some tips to ensure your safety and string lighting enjoyment.

Approval Before Installation:

  • String Lighting requires prior written approval from the Design Review Committee.
  • String lighting on rear patios will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the DRC.

String Lighting Installation Requirements:

  • You can hang String Lighting only on rear patios.
  • You must install string lighting totally inside the structure’s covered patio.
  • You must attach the lights on the inside of the patio cover’s structure, so bare bulbs are not visible from neighboring properties, the street, common areas, or the golf course.
  • They must comply with 4.15.1 Exterior Lighting and may not exceed 450 Lumens total illumination for the entire backyard.
  • Must be outdoor approved lights only.
  • The only colors allowed are clear, white, or amber lights.
  • A maximum of 40 Bulbs is permitted, subject to the restriction of total illumination.
  • No lighting will be permitted, which causes glare to neighboring owners, neighborhoods, or any common area.

Once the DRC approves your string lighting and you have completed installation properly, it’s time to light up the desert sky and enjoy your evenings outside. Wishing everyone a starry, starry night!

Desert Living Tip of the Month: Quick Getaway

With the Coachella Valley open again, our busy residents take more trips to the market, restaurants, hair salons, and entertainment venues. Sometimes we prefer not to drive our own car outside our community and call companies like Uber and Lyft to transport us to appointments. Below is the proper procedure to follow to expedite entry for your car service provider through our security gates and quickly to your door.

Ordering a Car Service Provider:

  • During your call with the dispatcher, request that they send you:
    • Vehicle information, including car type, color, and license plate.
    • Driver name and photo or description.
    • Inform the dispatcher that security will question the driver at our community gate.

Informing Security at our Community Gate:

  • Advise security to add this information to your guest list:
    • Date and time of car service arrival.
    • Company name of car service: Uber, Lyft, etc.
    • Vehicle information and license plate
    • Driver name and description

SCSH dwellingLIVE Guest Management System:

  • dwellingLIVE is a guest management system for homeowners who are computer savvy to personally manage their guest and vendor lists, such as Uber and Lyft.
  • You must be a resident registered with the dwellingLIVE program to access it and make updates.
  • Obtain a one-time registration code from the HOA office or request it using an electronic form on our website.
  • The request form is linked on the Front Gate Access page on our HOA website:
  • Click on the blue dwellingLIVE button and then click on “I have a one-time use Registration Code” to create an account. Once you are in, you can personally update your visitor access.
  • You can watch the resident tutorial video for assistance:

Following are dwellingLIVE services you can use for Uber and Lyft:

  • You can customize your guest lists and grant temporary or permanent access to people and vendors.
  • You can note the driving directions from either of the two main gates that are printed on guest passes for guests and vendors.
  • The My Account tab lets you set up email addresses and passwords and create a verbal confirmation code you provide to security when you call for authenticity.

Wishing our residents an enjoyable season, and here’s to a Quick Getaway with Uber or Lyft!

Desert Living Tip of the Month: Pet Recovery

We adore our furry companions and take particular care to provide them with healthy foods, treats, and adorable toys. Most importantly, we strive to keep our Paw-tners safe in our homes, pet parks, and the community. Occasionally one of our cats or dogs go missing. Below is the proper procedure to follow if your beloved furry friend disappears.

Take Safety Precautions to Prevent or Aid in Pet Recovery:

  • Use a collar with proper identification tags that include current contact information;
  • Have your vet insert a microchip with an appropriate location range;
  • Employ humane leashes when walking your pet in the community;
  • Do not leave your pet unattended in communal areas, including pet parks;
  • We recommend not leaving your pet alone in your backyard due to possible incidents with coyotes, hawks, and owls.

If You Have Lost a Dog or Cat in SCSH:

  • Call both community gates. They have chip readers and will alert you if a resident brings your lost pet to the gate;
  • If your pet does not have a chip, security may advise the SCSH Pet Club president and one of the club’s Safe Houses;
  • The SCSH Pet Club maintains resident safe houses to provide temporary shelter for lost animals in our community for up to one week. Contact the President or VP of the Pet Club, contact info below, for a list of current safe houses;
  • Post a flyer for your lost pet on the HOA bulletin board;
  • Advise the HOA to post the flyer on the SCSH website under the “Classifieds” section;
  • Post a photo of your lost pet with your contact information on NextDoor and SCSH’s Facebook page;
  • Place flyers with the pet’s photo and your contact details at SCSH dog parks (it is not permissible to post these flyers at our community mailboxes).
  • Email this information to members of the SCSH Pet Club:

If You Find A Dog or Cat in SCSH:

  • If you see a loose dog in our community and it approaches you easily, you can attempt to take the dog to one of the gates. Security will check for a chip or ID tag and call the owner to reunite them;
  • If the loose dog or cat in SCSH is not approachable, take a photo with your cell and send it to security and a Pet Club officer;
  • The Pet Club will post the photo and information on NextDoor;
  • If necessary, the dog or cat will be placed at a SCSH Safe House;
  • If the Pet Club cannot find the owner, the dog or cat will be available for adoption by a resident or turned over to a reputable animal shelter;
  • SCSH Pet Club website:

Enjoy adorable photos of some of our community’s beloved furry friends on our website. We wish you a day filled with purrs, meows, joyful barks, and wagging tails!