Montecito Outdoor Pool and Spa Deck Remediation

The Montecito Outdoor Pool and Spa is scheduled to close on Monday, October 15, and to reopen on Monday, November 19, for the pool and spa deck remediation.

During this period, the Montecito outdoor pool and spa will remain closed for the restoration project. The closure will ensure the pool and spa deck restoration can be completed as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

Any updates to this timeline will be provided via on-site notices and notifications on the community website.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

For more information, please contact the Facilities Maintenance Department at 760-345-4349 ext. 2401.

Common Area Overseeding Schedule 2018

This is the time of the year when the common area landscape turf areas are prepared for overseeding with rye grass. Consequently, the appearance of the turf areas will be impacted by the following activities:

  • Reduction in irrigation of the turf to drive the Bermuda grass into dormancy.
  • Scalping of the Bermuda to reduce the interference with the growth of the rye grass.
  • Overseeding with rye grass seed.
  • Heavy watering of the overseeded areas to induce germination of the Rye grass seeds.

This process has already started, thus you will see the turf areas turning brown. The schedule for the overseeding is posted below. Owners should not enter the areas during the time that the areas are closed.

Santa Rosa Event LawnClose September 24 and Opens October 15
Santa Rosa ClubhouseClose September 24 and Opens October 15
Jefferson EntranceClose September 24 and Opens October 15
Avenida Los Padres Retention BasinClose October 3 and Opens October 31
Camino Cantos Retention BasinClose October 3 and Opens October 31
Avenida Celaya Retention BasinClose October 3 and Opens October 31
Santa Sofia ParkwayClose October 3 and Opens October 31
Phase III Dog ParkClose October 8 and Opens October 29
Shadow Hills Golf ClubClose October 9 and Opens November 6
Shadows Retention BasinClose October 9 and Opens November 6
Montecito ClubhouseClose October 10 and Opens November 7
Phase I Dog ParkClose October 29 and Opens November 19
North Channel Close October 29 and Opens November 30

Revised Governing Documents – Final Red-Line Drafts

Final Red-Line Drafts Approved by the Board for Submittal to the Membership


Deadline for mailed ballots: Mailed ballots sent to HOA Elections' office must be received no later than Friday, November 9, 2018, unless extended by the Inspectors of Election. All ballots delivered to the Inspector of Election by the deadline will be kept with the Inspector and brought to the Special Board Meeting or any adjournment thereof.

Deadline the day of the Special Board Meeting: Ballots delivered to the Board meeting must be received by HOA Elections no later than: Tuesday November 13, 2018 by 10:00 a.m. unless extended by the Inspectors of Election.

President's Message

Attached for your review are the proposed changes to the CC&R and By-laws. We anticipate mailing the ballots and documents along with instructions to the residents on March 12. There will be two separate envelopes with the information.

In one envelope you will receive a computer flash drive which will contain all the documents. There will be a red-line version and a clean copy of the changes for both the CC&R’s and By-laws on the flash drive. This was done to save the cost of mailing the entire document to each homeowner, at a cost of about $10 per home. Mailing a flash drive with the documents will save more than half the cost of mailing.

In a separate envelope will you will receive the ballot and the instructions for filling out the ballot. So be looking for two different envelopes.

After many comments from residents the Board decided to present the following four items for a vote:

  1. Item 1 addresses the bulk of the document. These changes will remove Pulte from the documents where applicable and will make changes because of new laws which require the change to take place. Since Pulte is no longer here, it seemed responsible to remove them from the documents wherever possible. The other changes are changes that are required because of changes in the law. If item 1 passes, the documents should become clearer without Pulte being listed where applicable, and since we must implement the new law anyway, the documents would reflect that which is required by law.
  2. Item 2 is a vote to remove term limits on committee members. Currently there is a two-term limit on committee members. Some have felt that some committee members should stay longer if they are willing because of their expertise. You will now vote to remove term limits or leave them in place.
  3. Item 3 is a vote to remove Cumulative voting for Board member elections. Currently the HOA uses Cumulative voting every other year in the election process when 3 candidates are up for election. When only two candidates are up for election Regular voting is used. In Regular voting you may not put more than one vote on any one candidate. In Cumulative voting you may put more than one vote on any one candidate. This is the difference between the two voting methods.
  4. Item 4 is to change the minimum rental period from 90 days to 45 days.

These are the four items to vote on for the changes to the CC&R’s and By-laws. Hopefully, whoever is President beginning March 5, will hold more Town Hall meetings to explain the changes and how the ballot will work. Please vote so we can conclude this process which began about 3 years ago.

CC&Rs, By-laws, and Ballot Explanation Video