Ceasar Larrach on Design Review

You bought the house in your dream neighborhood, Sun City Shadow Hills, you were handed lots of papers and packets, rules and regulations, not to mention all of the papers associated with the sale. You vowed to read them all when you got a spare minute. Sadly those minutes are rare.

One day you go to your mailbox, on the way out you notice your front door needs some paint. You retrieve a letter from your mailbox which looks very important – the words “Courtesy Notice” jumps off the page! You quickly read the rest and indeed your front door needs to be painted. Maybe it’s not painting the front door but your carriage light is out or your front landscaping needs attention or you’re missing a shutter on your window. One frequent request by the covenants team after comprehensive inspections are completed in a section is for an application submission for a structures that are already in existence. Maybe you don’t understand what it says at all, or you think it has reached you in error.

Somewhere in those papers you didn’t get a chance to read, was an explanation of the Design Guidelines, what the Covenants are and the procedures and enforcement policies are for the Association. All changes, permanent or temporary, to the exterior of a residence are subject to review and approval by the Design Review Committee. The review process is not limited to major additions or alterations, such as adding a room, deck, or patio. It includes such minor items as changes in color and materials. Approval is also required when an existing item is to be removed.

The enforcement of the design guidelines not only enhances the physical appearance of your community but protects and preserves property values. Homeowners’ who reside in association communities which enforce design guidelines are protected from actions of neighbors which can detract from the physical appearance of the community and, in some cases, diminish property values.

What now? How can the HOA office help you?

If you receive a letter and need clarification about what to do next please contact Carol Kardos at 760-345-4349 or at carol.kardos@associa.us.

We will clarify and assist you in any way we can to resolve any concerns or questions you may have.