Change of Contract Security Provider

At the March executive session of the Board of Directors meeting, a  decision was made by the Board to change our contract security provider from Universal Protection Services (U.P.S.) to Group 4 Secure Solutions (G4S). Like Universal, G4S is a national company and well equipped to handle a property our size and complexity. The change in providers will take place at 6:00am on May 2nd.

You will see several changes on property; Dodge Chargers in lieu of Ford Escapes, and a Chevrolet Colorado to replace the Toyota Tacoma. Additionally, the uniform colors will change from the traditional black trousers and white shirts to Tan trousers and Forrest Green shirts for Patrol, and Forrest Green trousers and Tan shirts for the gate attendants.

Most importantly, the level of service to our property will be noticeably improved from the former provider. Our guards, though several will remain on with the changeover, will none the less be substantially better trained to handle the myriad of tasks they are responsible to perform. Overall we see this as a very positive and beneficial change for Sun City Shadow Hills.

Should anyone have any questions concerning this change in security providers please feel free to contact either Ceasar Larrach our General Manager, or David Archer, the Community Safety Director.