Classic Movie Club

Contact: Josh Kanin
Phone: 310-980-0747
Contact: Bill Hooper
Phone: 310-293-9597

The Classic Movie Club will present showings of Oscar-winning films every other Friday starting at 4:00 pm in the Santa Rosa Clubhouse’s Monterey Room. There will be time for socializing, and those attending will be able to take their picture holding a real Oscar.

Josh Kanin, co-host of the club's film series, grew up in a prominent Hollywood show business family – parents Fay and Michael Kanin and uncle and aunt Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon – all of whom were Oscar and Emmy Award-winning screenwriters, directors, and actors for over 50 years. Josh is a noted film historian from Los Angeles, and since 1973 has been (and still is) a college professor of film studies. Bill Hooper, co-host with Josh, is a local Realtor who introduced him to the Coachella Valley and who is a classic movie fan.

The club is pleased and proud to provide our community with free, quality entertainment on an ongoing basis. The screening events are open to all SCSH residents, and no club membership is required to attend them. If you love classic movies, please join us. We would love to meet you. For more information, call either Josh Kanin (310-980-0747) or Bill Hooper (310-293-9597).

Upcoming Classic Movie Nights