Meditation Over Medication

Contact: Kerri Ray
Where: Pismo Room (Santa Rosa Clubhouse)
When: Mondays, at 10:00 am

Our body is nothing but mind and matter, while we take care of the matter (body) with exercise and healthy eating, mind is not exercised nor nourished.

The body reacts to whatever manifests in the mind. Meditation trains the mind not to react to the outside factors (which are beyond control) to reduce anger, stress and anxiety. Science has proven these negative mind sets cause Hypertension, Insomnia and other illnesses.

Meditation practiced right can help reduce the dependence on medication for some of these illnesses.

This technique has no chanting, music, or imagination. It is based on Self Awareness.

The group meets on Mondays at the Pismo room in Santa Rosa Club at 10 am. Chairs and some mats will be available for use, you may bring your own cushions. The sessions are open for all levels.

Private sessions can be arranged.