CHOSH SCSH HOA Board Advisory Committee Community Forum Video

Do you wonder about our accounting, our financials, our budget, our reserves, why we needed an on-site controller for our $12 million community? Do you wonder what happened to traffic safety in SCSH after our Board raised the traffic penalties? Do you wonder who watches over our common area landscape? Who advised on the proposed revisions of our governing documents?

SCSH has 10 all volunteer, all homeowner experts, who advise our SCSH HOA Board in all these areas and more. Concerned Homeowners of Shadow Hills (CHOSH) held a community forum on October 22 to which all homeowners were invited -- to attend and learn the facts from the expert homeowners doing the work on your behalf in the background.

If you would like to learn more about how our community operates, click here to watch the Advisory Committee Chairs Forum video.

The next CHOSH event will be a party, “Welcoming in a New Season.” It will be held on the Santa Rosa Lawn on November 12 and all homeowners are invited to attend!

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