Clarification . . . Dog Walkers

For the last couple of weeks our SCSH G4S Security has been stopping and letting dog-walkers know, they cannot walk their dogs on the golf course, as a courtesy to dog-walkers. The current rule states under section 2.20.4 of our Rules and Regulations that “Pets are not permitted on any golf course at any time”. It also states in section 5.1.10 for golf course “Use: Pets, walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and golf carts (or other similar sized four-wheeled vehicles) are not allowed on the golf course at any time”.

Security has been informing these residents that signs have been ordered and will be installed in the next few weeks. These signs will be placed along the areas of the golf course that border streets, to make it clear pet walking, jogging, walking is not allowed on the golf course.

Further, security has been letting the homeowners know that once the signs have been installed, they will begin enforcing the rule by writing tickets to offenders, after a period of warning homeowners.

The officers have been encouraging residents to use the dog parks or the north channel in order to avoid problems. They have recently heard comments from homeowners, complaining that “we won’t be allowing them to walk their dogs anywhere on Sun City Blvd”. We don’t know where this rumor started, but it is untrue. We want to clarify all streets and sidewalks are accessible for walking dogs, jogging, etc.

Once again, we are asking dog-walkers to use the common area facilities provided (the 2 Dog Parks and the North Channel, primarily) to walk their dogs. We thank you for your cooperation.