Club Presidents — Reminder to File Mandatory Financial Reports by this Friday

In order to allow our clubs to continue to use the HOA EIN Number, our outside independent auditor is requiring that our community clubs change how they report to the HOA.  The auditor is requiring that our clubs report on finances for the calendar year -- January through December. This new reporting requirement is effective now and clubs will need to get the new financial reports in by April 24.

If you don't submit this new calendar year financial report by April 24, 2015 -- unfortunately, your club will have to get their own EIN number or face being shut down. As of Tuesday, April 21 -- 18 clubs have not yet turned in the required forms.

Your club will derive your new report from the following:

  1. Your financials for July 1st  2014 through December 31st 2014
  2. Your financials from Jan 1st 2014 through June 30th  2014

As you can see -- combined -- this report will provide us with your club financials for the calendar year for 2014.

You will need to use the new form (click on the link below to obtain the new form) for the new calendar year report.

Click Here to Download the Club Financial Reporting Form

This is the only way the HOA can allow clubs to use the associations EIN number. If you do not use the Association's EIN number, your club will have to get one of its own or face being shut down.

Your Associations auditor needs to report the clubs income for 2014 -- so we need to have this new calendar year financial reports in the HOA office by no later than April 24.

Thanks for your understanding and efforts on getting this accomplished.