Common Area Cleanup

As a follow-up to the ongoing clean-up on common area.

  • Approximately 39 common area trees were lost during the storm.
  • Approximately 80 trees were lost on the North Course.
  • The storm drain on Camino Montecito is now cleared.
  • As expected, the retention basins (on Avenida Los Padres, Calle Pueblo, and Camino Cantos) are filled with water. Please abide by the posted signs and do not attempt to enter the basins.
  • The Facilities team, Vintage Landscape, and the street sweeper continue to clear sidewalks, streets, and common area from tree branches, debris, and sand. Please be cautious while walking or cycling.
  • All common area pools are now open.

Photos of basins below.

Thank you for your continued patience.