Congratulations SCSH! You’re Being Safer!

Congratulations Sun city Shadow Hills residents!

In August, more residents and vendors came to a complete stop at our STOP signs before proceeding. We're making progress!

Speeding is still an issue -- so let's slow down and be safe! Your life and that of your neighbor could depend on it!

As you may recall, upon the recommendation of our all resident volunteer Security Advisory Committee, your Board raised traffic fines in January 2015 (after providing residents with 3 months notice) when it was learned that residents were speeding 65MPH down our side streets, failing to stop at STOP signs. One resident was hit by a car while riding his bike and suffered a broken arm -- another was rear ended.

The law requires that the Board address any unsafe situation when they become aware of it. If they do not, the Association would be open to lawsuits.

Wouldn't you rather have a safe community? Slow down and come to a complete stop at a all our STOP SIGNS.