President’s Message: Coronavirus and E-mail Scam

Kim Fuller

Good day residents,

I have been asked many questions about the Coronavirus and is the HOA making any recommendations on how to proceed. The HOA is not qualified to make any recommendations regarding this medical situation, nor are we capable of updating you with current medical information on how to proceed. This information changes rapidly, so each person must reach out to their own medical or government experts to determine how they should react. The HOA is currently doing business as usual given that no agency or medical professional has told us otherwise.

The HOA Board believes each person and each Club needs to decide how best to proceed with holding and attending events. Each person, or Club, and their events are different, so they should discuss the issue and then decide on what the Club thinks is best. One could argue that there will always be time for another event and for some it is better to err on the side of caution. Others will argue that unless a government agency or medical professional requests some sort of social distancing, we should let each person decide on their own what events they want to attend. I leave these arguments up to you and each Club. Each person will need to act as they see fit given their own personal circumstances and advice from their own medical experts.

Please keep in mind that as of the writing of this message, the HOA has not been informed of any case of Coronavirus within this complex. Currently the HOA is doing business as usual, so please don’t let fear without facts decide your fate. Each Club will decide, given their own special circumstances, whether to hold or cancel events, this is up to each Club. No government agency or medical professional has told the HOA we should cancel events or restrict access. Each of you must decide given your own special circumstances how to proceed. Please listen to your medical advisors and act accordingly.

If the HOA is directed to act in a specific way by governing agencies or medical professionals, we will then do as instructed.

Let me know if you need any other information.

Some of you are getting false e-mails from me requesting contributions for gift cards. If you look at the e-mail address it is not mine and is a scammer just trying to get your money. I don’t ask for money from residents for any reason or purpose. This comes up about every 6 months. Just delete and move on, it is not coming from my computer. You might also get one of these from a staff person, please disregard and delete those messages also.

Have a great day and let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller