Creative Transformations

Are you excited about your interior renovation project? Show us your home remodel. Everyone likes to see what wonderful changes have been made.

Want to share your improvement ideas with the other homeowners in our community? Have you upgraded materials, removed or added walls, added beams, changed flooring, lighting, upgraded your kitchen or master bathroom, done a partial or entire interior remodel? You choose what you want to share.

We can take photos of your interior renovations to feature in The View magazine while still maintaining your total privacy. You will remain anonymous, no names, addresses, street names, phase locations or cost will be printed. By sharing some of the interior upgrades that are possible, this can help to increase property values in our community.

We have seen some very creative interior improvements. We think this might be a way to add value to our resales.

We already have a couple of people who are interested. If you’d like to join in, email: and tell us about your upgrade and attach photos, if you have them.