CVWD Storm Channel Project Update: Dust Control

CVWD and Sukut Construction (Sukut) understand the concerns with dust caused by high winds in North Indio where the North Indio Flood Control Project – phase 2 (Project) is under construction. Sukut can control dust and any associated air pollution within the project footprint by following applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the governmental entities having jurisdiction (City, State, etc.) as outlined in the contract documents.

The Air Quality Management District has inspected the construction site on March 18, March 28, April 11, and May 26 and did not find any violations causing dust related to construction activity.

Many communities in the valley are surrounded by undeveloped desert including North Indio and are susceptible to dust and sand accumulation from the season’s unusual high winds.

Here are the actions being done to minimize dust from construction activities, which also meet contract requirements:

  • Watering dirt piles associated with construction.
  • Applying a soil binder to stockpiles of dirt.
  • Watering dirt on trucks before they leave for transportation.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming sand from the roads near constructions sites even if caused by wind from undeveloped land.

CVWD and its contractors will continue to minimize dust associated with construction activities but are not responsible for dust coming from undeveloped land. We thank everyone for their patience during this important project.

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