Dealing with Abandoned & Neglected Homes in Our Community

How can you battle a neighborhood eyesore? Nobody likes an unsightly property – overgrown weeds, dying trees/plants, and a general unkempt appearance can detract from the quality of your street. Sure, it may not be your problem or your fault, but why should you have to look at it?

Neighborhood eyesores are a fairly common problem. Luckily, despite the fact that it's not your own home, there are some ways to deal with this issue. Here are a few steps that you can take when faced with a neighborhood eyesore:

1 – Contact the HOA office and let us know the address and we will look into the situation further. The Association’s Rules and Regulations might spell out some options when it comes to neighborhood eyesores and help direct our next step. The Association cannot take care of regular maintenance issues like mowing a lawn, trimming trees/plants. Although the property might be abandoned it is still private property, someone or something still owns the property.

2 – Try the direct approach. Many neighbors choose to go with the obvious, direct approach and actually discuss the problem with the offending neighbor. While this may seem daunting, it is also often the most effective and practical way to address the problem. Make sure that you approach the issue with sensitivity and caution, and don't deliver your concerns in a way that could be construed as combative or offensive.

3 – The City of Indio has taken a proactive lead, by adopting a Registration and Maintenance of Abandoned Properties Ordnance to address crime and blight issues associated with abandoned and foreclosed homes. If you have a concern on an abandoned property, please contact the City of Indio’s Code Enforcement department at (760) 391-4123 or email

As you can see, battling a neighborhood eyesore may take some time and effort but with everyone working together we can get it resolved.