Desert Life Honors Roz Watkins as the Club’s First Star Award Recipient!


We believe that every member of Desert Life is a STAR. However, occasionally one Star shines a little brighter.

Quoting from the McCallum Theatre Winter Program “Roz started buying tickets for the theater approximately 12 years ago. Someone she met was a volunteer at the Theatre and thinking that sounded pretty fantastic she came in for an interview and within five minutes we knew we wanted her as part of our family.

Today Roz is not only one of the most active and welcoming of our volunteers, but she is also a President’s Circle Silver Member. She loves seeing the children come to the Theatre for the first time. To quote her “Their eyes open wide, and they look around and they are amazed. They are the sweetest patrons.”

Roz tells us that the Ten Tenors are her favorite performers. “And they love me too” she said. She always gets a front row center seat and at one Christmas show, one of the Tenors came down into the audience and brought her up on stage and they all sang to her. They even gave her a Koala Bear as a memento of the experience.”

Not only is Roz a star at the McCallum and the first volunteer to ever be featured in a program; she is a star in Sun City Shadow Hills. You will always find her volunteering to sell tickets for events! Roz always makes us dig into our wallets; and do whatever is necessary to help whenever help is needed.

Roz Watkins, we honor you as an incredible human being and as our first ever Star Award recipient.

The Desert Life Board