Desert Living Tip of the Month: Smile It Forward!

Our lives in SCSH are fun, active, rewarding, and sheltered. Smiles are contagious, so take time to smile and be courteous to the staff that does a terrific job keeping the community humming. We have busy lives, so the following are simple etiquette tips to ensure the staff feels appreciated daily.

Basic Etiquette Tips:

  • Say “hello” and smile to brighten everyone’s day.
  • Treat everybody with respect and dignity.
  • Say “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome” at every encounter.
  • When a staff member goes above and beyond, give genuine compliments for their efforts.
  • Wave to the security guards as you wait for the gates to open.
  • Listen to others, don’t interrupt, and make eye contact.
  • Avoid negativity and do not criticize or complain.
  • Don’t embarrass others with rude jokes or gossip.
  • Just be nice every day!

We are lucky to be protected by our vigilant security team, who stand guard at the two gatehouses and patrol the community. Remember to be courteous to the security officers and follow their instructions.

The Role of Security in SCSH:

  • The security team at SCSH has multiple responsibilities and acts on behalf of our community’s owners.
  • They provide guest and vendor access oversight at the gates.
  • They respond to alarm activations.
  • They enforce the HOA rules and regulations and CC&Rs, including traffic control.
  • They respond to irrigation issues in residential and common areas.
  • They are not police officers, so call 911 if you believe a dangerous situation requires the police or you have a medical emergency.

As you enjoy the wonderful amenities in SCSH, remember to show your appreciation with appropriate etiquette towards neighbors and the staff who make it easy to participate in sports and club activities. Enjoy all our community has to offer, and smile your gratitude forward every day!