Desert Living Tip of the Month: STOP – In the Name of Safety!

We live in a fabulous retirement community and should always strive to protect our neighbors from harm while driving. Our desert lifestyle allows us to walk, jog, bicycle, and drive golf carts around SCSH throughout the year. As thoughtful and courteous drivers, let’s ensure we follow the rules when stopping at 4-way stop intersections.

What is a 4-Way Stop Intersection:

  • This is a crisscross intersection of two roadways with stop signs on each of the four corners.
  • Drivers must slow down and be ready to make a full stop at intersections, then follow the right-of-way rules.

Right-of-Way Rules: Who Goes First?

  • The person that reaches the intersection first has the “right of way.”
  • After a full stop, this driver can go through the intersection first.
  • Other vehicles must wait for the person who has the right of way to drive through the intersection.
  • If a vehicle arrives at the intersection at the same time as you, give the right of way to the vehicle on your right.

Information and Penalties:

  • Refer to the California DMV’s 2021 online Drivers Handbook regarding California Vehicle Code §22450 regarding Stop Signs.
  • All residents, guests, and vendors must adhere to CA Civil Code 5850 (as adopted by the SCSH Board of Directors) and promptly pay fines for any violations.

Follow These Rules to be a Safe and Courteous Driver:

  • Always allow a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.
  • Drive at a safe speed based on the speed limit, flow of traffic, and weather.
  • The speed limits are 35 mph on SC Boulevard and 25 mph on all other streets.
  • Signal in advance before turning or changing lanes.
  • Make a complete stop at a stop sign, and never run a red light.
  • Never tailgate or drive recklessly.
  • Never succumb to road rage; be patient if you get cut off.
  • Do not get distracted by phone calls, texts, the radio, or other passengers.
  • Follow all these rules when driving a golf cart as well.
  • Inform your guests and vendors that they must follow these rules, too.

Thanks for your cooperation and respect for your neighbors while driving inside and outside our community gates.