Desert Living Tip of the Month: Trash Talk!

Has your trash can ever disappeared on garbage collection day? No worries. It was not kidnapped and ransom is not required to replace it! We contacted Burrtec Customer Service and learned that occasionally as the trash container dumps its contents into the truck, it slips from the mechanical arm and slides into the vehicle. Drivers cannot retrieve the cans until they empty the trucks at the waste collection center. However, Burrtec will replace the trash can free of charge. Below is the least messy way to resolve this issue and information regarding trash collection in our community.

Trash Container Replacement:

  • If it’s a windy day, check nearby streets to see if your trash can has rolled away.
  • If you cannot locate the trash can, call Burrtec at 760-340-2113 and explain what happened.
  • Burrtec will deliver a new trash or recycle container for free.

SCSH Trash Collection Information:

  • All trash, recycling materials, and green waste must be kept in proper Burrtec containers.
  • Burrtec is the company responsible for waste disposal and receives payment automatically through your property taxes.
  • Residents must store all containers so they are not visible from the street, common areas, or golf courses and should be concealed behind a solid wall or in the garage except on scheduled trash pick-up days.
  • All containers can be placed curbside no earlier than 4:00 pm the day before collection, and you should store them properly no later than 10:00 pm on pick-up days.

Trash Talk Extras.:

  • Burrtec observes 6 Holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.
  • When a holiday falls on or before our pick-up day, Tuesday, trash pick-up will occur on Wednesday.
  • Burrtec provides a bulky item pick-up service. Call their office at least 48 hours prior to regular pick-up for this service.
  • Vacation hold is unavailable to our community, and refunds are not available since residents pay Burrtec through property tax bills.
  • Contact Burrtec with any questions at 760-340-2113 or email

Now that the “Case of the Missing Trash Can” is solved, we wish all SCSH residents a clean and healthy year.