Directors Joan Dzuro and Carey Thompson Attend HOA Legal Forum

SCSH Community Association Corporate President Joan Dzuro and Corporate Treasurer Carey Thompson attended an HOA Legal Symposium in June.


While our Community Association contracts with the well respected firm of Epsten, Grinnell and Howell as legal counsel (click here to learn more), it is good for our Corporate Directors to have some understanding of the laws as well -- particularly with respect to their fiduciary responsibilities -- what they can and cannot do as Directors. For those Directors who have no prior experience as a corporate executive, being a director of our $12 million corporation can be a new and sometimes overwhelming experience. Ceasar Larrach, as our General Manager, also attended this forum.

This symposium provided information on critical updates on important legal requirements that impact California Community Association Corporations such as ours. As you may be aware, our Community Association is regulated by a number of laws -- click here for a complete list.

This Symposium was hosted by the Community Association Institute (CAI), which has more than 40 years experience in the Community Association industry and over 33,500 members.

The CAI Legal Forums are presented by expert panels, including government officials, seasoned management professionals and members of the prestigious College of Community Association Lawyers, a professional organization that represents the very best attorneys in the industry.