Dog Walking in Sun City Shadow Hills


Our community is very pet friendly. While dog walking is encouraged at the dog parks located in Phase 1, Division 7, and Phase 3, Division 16, as well as the common area surrounding the Jefferson Front Gate (Phase 1). Residents are also allowed to walk their dog(s) along (up to) 9 feet of the grassy area where parts of the golf course touch pavement and cross the street. One exception is where Avenida Sombra intersects with Sun City Boulevard on the north side of Avenida Sombra. The curb there is painted red to signify no parking or dog walking, as this area has been determined to be a safety risk.

Many residents have thought that the grassy areas touching the street were not part of the golf course but when Sun City Shadow Hills was developed, any portion of the property that was designated golf course by Del Webb/Pulte, was in fact, legally deeded as golf course.

Current HOA regulations read:

2.20.4 of Rules & Regulations

“Pets are not permitted on the golf course at any time. Exception: Other than no dog walking at Avenida Sombra where Avenida Sombra meets Sun City Blvd. behind hole number 7, all other areas where the golf course crosses a street, you may walk your dog along the edge of the Golf Course as long as you and your dog do not walk beyond nine feet (9’) from the edge of the street or sidewalk.”

Accepted by the Board 1-29-18

The HOA strongly encourages pet owners to read those rules and regulations pertaining to pets within our community. The rules can be found in the Sun City Shadow Hills Community & Telephone Directory 2017/2018 on page 29.

Pet owners are responsible for the removal and proper disposal of their pet’s litter from the common areas as well as the pet parks. Failure to comply with the pet rules are a violation of the Rules and may result in a fine.