DRC to Consider Artificial Turf in the Front Yard

grass5.14 Artificial Turf Requirements

The DRC will consider artificial turf in the Front yard on a case-by-case basis subject to the following provisions. HIA must include a plot drawing, indicating the amount of artificial turf that will be installed. Installation must be performed by a licensed contractor holds a valid/active C27 (Landscaping Contractor License) and/ or Synthetic product installation license.

a. Plot plan showing area to be covered including and 12x12 inch sample of the artificial turf material proposed for installation.

b.Plan describing installation which shall include information as to how the following requirements shall be met. Such plan shall also identify all materials proposed for use. Installation Requirements:

  1. Submit material safety data sheets (MSDS) for both the artificial turf material and, if applicable, the crumb rubber infill material to be used.
  2. Copy of manufacturer warranties for all materials
  3. Copy of contractor’s warranty statement for workmanship (California contractors are required to provide a minimum of 1 year workmanship warranty).

 c. Plans must incorporate the minimum requirements for artificial turf system installations, as follows:

  1. Primary layer on native soil: non-woven, highly-permeable soil stabilizing fabric for the soil type and conditions of the installation.
  2. Fabrics must be porous and not impede infiltration of normal watershed to appropriate drainage solutions required by any other related CC&R of property.
  3. Minimum 3”-5”appropriate compactable aggregate base with subsequent or additional imported base materials and fabric layers, as required.
  4. There shall be no less than 55-75 ounces of blade material. Front yard blades must face street. Blades must be at least 1 3/4 inches in height.
  5. Acceptable artificial turf surface fibers include: Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Nylon (PA) with a minimum 6 yr. Nylon (PA) and 8 yr. (PE & PP) manufacturer warranty against UV degradation (fading and discoloration).
  6. Style and color selection of artificial turf must compliment other adjacent natural lawn and landscaped grass and must meet or exceed ASTM standards. (Selections from “Spring Green” collection are recommended.)
  7. Acceptable backing material includes perforated, vertically draining, and latex or polyutherane coated materials to provide optimum tuft bind and maximum permeability. Horizontally draining backings must be infilled; infill materials are prone to migrate into drainage systems.
  8. Acceptable infill materials will include but are not limited to: acrylic coated silica sand, recycled PET bead lets, thermo plastic.
  9. All turf must be made in the USA.

Previously approved at the July 28, 2014 Board Meeting the specifications for the installation of artificial turf in front yard areas.