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Proposed bylaw change:

9.2.2 Board Actions Requiring Member Approval. The Board shall not take any of the following actions except with the consent, by vote at a meeting of the Association’s Members or by a Member vote conducted by written ballot without a meeting pursuant to any applicable requirements of Civil Code section 5100 and Corporations Code section 7513 or any successor statutes, of a simple Majority of a Quorum of the Members:

(a) Enter into a contract with a third person wherein the third person will furnish goods or services for the Common Area or the Association for a term longer than one (1) year with the following exceptions:
. . .
(vii) Agreements for food and beverage goods and services (including management services) not to exceed five (5) years in duration, so long as the Association has the right to terminate such agreement any time after the first year of such agreement upon ninety (90) days prior written notice to the third party vendor without penalty to the Association.