Emergency Preparedness Sub-Committee

Attention SCSH Residents: Are you CERT Trained?
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The Emergency Preparedness Sub-Committee (EPSC) is structured within the Safety Advisory Committee (SAC). Its mission is to assess emergency preparedness needs for our 3,450 homes, 6,000 residents, and $12M fixed assets while using best practices, experience, and knowledge to advise the SAC how best to follow the Sun City Shadow Hills (SCSH) Home Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors (Board) direction.

The Board and HOA bear no fiduciary, legal, or moral responsibility to provide for residents in the event of disaster. However, in 2016, the Board reinstituted the previous Emergency Preparedness Committee as the EPSC subordinate to the SAC and directed the SAC/EPSC to prepare the community to be self-reliant, self-sufficient, and self-equipped to endure multi-hazard incident/disaster-level events when City, County, and Federal first responders and assistance are unavailable; with, an emphasis toward earthquake preparation due to our proximity to the San Andreas Fault and its scientifically predicted 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The Board provides a budget to operate an Emergency Operations Center and the recruitment, training, and equipment for a cadre of trained resident volunteers responding to the aid of their neighbors and SCSH community.

The EPSC consists of subject matter experts drawn from the SAC, supplemented by a cadre of EPSC Volunteers trained to basic search and rescue (SAR), Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and basic first-aid/CPR standards. All operations are conducted using the California initiated Incident Command System (ICS).

The SAC/EPSC, and EPSC Volunteer Cadre meet monthly, with some exceptions. Programs developed by the EPSC for residents include:

  • Disaster Preparedness-101 clubhouse seminars
  • Emergency Preparedness Expo
  • Vial-Of-Life
  • Post-event, Red/Green Resident Status Window Card
  • Community Emergency Response Team FEMA training
  • Basic First-Aid and CPR training
  • Great ShakeOut training and drill (annually October 18 at 10:18am)
  • A ‘rounder’ full of informational handouts and pamphlets at the Montecito Lifestyles Desk


  • Chair: Jeff Kirkpatrick
  • Board Liaison: Fera Mostow

EPSC Volunteer Cadre (More Members Always Needed!)

  • Cherie & Joe Adams
  • Kathryn Aberdale
  • Karen & Rick Ambrose
  • Cynthia Bakshy
  • Karen Beck
  • Rhonda Ceccato
  • Terry Coon
  • Gary DeArmon
  • Linda Delodovici
  • Tom Downey
  • Diana Edgel
  • Barry Fisher
  • Ron Forbes
  • Joe Flores
  • Danny Hansen
  • Jim Hansen
  • Mary & Leonard Gilliana
  • Carol Glasgow
  • Emilie & Bob Jester
  • Cheryl Lopez
  • Carole Lupica
  • Claudia Marley
  • Dan McFarlane
  • Salvie McFarlane
  • Laura Menichetti
  • Beverly Mercer
  • Evan Morris
  • Cori Muro
  • Patti & John Petersen
  • Adam Roberts
  • Donna Rose
  • Avril Salter
  • Julie Sandoval
  • Erin Smith
  • Sally Spurgeon
  • Linda Stackpoole
  • Chris Stevens
  • Gordon Wainwright
  • Shari Woodbridge
  • Richard Yeh




Disaster Preparedness 101