Ever Wonder How Invoices for the HOA Are Paid?

Ever wonder how invoices for the HOA are paid? Each month, two Board members are charged with the responsibility of reviewing each invoice presented for payment. Sounds like a daunting task, given the size of our community.

Recently, Associa changed their accounting software, along with the vendor payment process using Strongroom, a third-party web-based system, making it easier for Board members to perform the necessary actions to pay our monthly bills. As with any software changes, we have experienced a few hiccups, but have been working through the changeover challenges as they arise over the past few months.

With Strongroom, Board members can view accurate, real-time financial reports. Board members have the ability to view all invoices electronically, verify invoice backup documentation and coding, approve and reject invoices for payment. The system allows for questions and answers regarding any invoice to be recorded and to see the entire payment process from the time the invoice is received through the disbursement of funds to the vendor.

The Board also has 24/7 access to run various financial reports. The system holds a searchable database of information for all individual vendors, payments, account balances and transactions.

In addition, homeowners can access their HOA account information through the Associa web portal, check balances and make convenient online assessment payments. You can register and access your account 24/7 from our SCSHCA website. Click on the Associa link in the upper right corner of the website.