Excessive Heat Wave Warning — Cool Centers

We're are experiencing a heat wave. Temperatures between 15-20 above normal. Did you know we have a weather station right here on the South Course? Click here

Cool Center for Indio Seniors is located at the:

Indio Senior Center, 45-700 Aladdin St. Phone 760.391.3170

You can also go to either of the clubhouses.

Please stay hydrated, stay cool, and please don't walk your dogs on pavement or streets -- even late at night or early morning. Check the street or pavement with the back of your hand -= if you cannot keep your hand there for at least 5 second, then your dogs paws don't belong there either.

Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke are very dangerous. If you are taking blood pressure medication, medication for depression, anxiety, or if you have had heat exhaustion or heat stroke previously, you are at a higher risk for heat heat exhaustion.

Click here to read the symptoms of heat stroke -- it comes on very quickly and can kill.