Fall Into Fitness 2021

Our six-week program starts October 25, 2021, and ends December 3, 2021, with an Award Ceremony with prizes on Monday, December 6, 2021.  The entry fee for the program is $28. Only Credit Card payments will be accepted.

Fall into Fitness will consist of a variety of special fitness classes, programs and events designed specifically for (ONLY) FALL INTO FITNESS Participants. The goal is to encourage participants to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the Holidays as well as after the program is over. This is not only an exercise program, but also a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating commitment. Body composition readings will be available at NutriShop in Indio.

📄 Fall into Fitness 2021 Flyer

📄 Fall into Fitness 2021 Rules

📄 Fall into Fitness 2021 Registration Form

📄 Fall into Fitness Schedule (Program Participants Only)

For questions call the Montecito Fitness center:
(760) 345-4349 ext. 2111