Can you tell me of any plans to improve the landscaping?

Can you tell me of any plans to improve the landscaping? When we moved here 5 years ago everything was lovely and lush when driving down Sun City B. I'd like to see plentiful flowers, like lantana, coral fountains and more. Heritage Palms, good job.


We have asked Chris Stevens, the Chair of the Landscaping Committee to field your question and his answer is as follows:

The landscaping in the common areas has been affected by severe periods of unseasonably hot weather over the last two summers. Further, the plants are 10 to 15 years old and no longer look aesthetically pleasing. The Landscape Advisory Committee and the Board have acted to hire a professional Landscape Architect, as a consultant, to guide the maintenance and enhancement of the landscaping in the common areas. Consultation with the Landscape Architect will begin in January 2019.

Further, the Board approved an increase in the Landscaping budget in 2019 in order to give the Landscaping Committee the ability to deal with dead and dying plants on a regular basis.  We believe with the aforementioned provisions, we will see an overall improvement in the common areas throughout the community in the coming year.

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