Is there a plan to clean up the ponds near the park at the front gate?

I live near the park at the front gate and enjoy walking the path with the three ponds. The weeds/grasses are extremely overgrown and there is an odor as there is little circulation. It as become a dog park. Is there a plan to clean up the ponds?


We have asked Rolland Vaughn, our General Manager of Shadow Hills Golf Club to field your question and his answer is as follows:

Our current plan is to establish a pocket of reeds for the water fowl in the NW corner of the Northernmost pond along with small pockets in the others. Any major removal has been stopped to not interfere with the nesting process of the wildlife birds. Then, not disturb those pockets until early summer. We will continue to maintain the other areas of the ponds throughout the process but will do our best to not disturb any of the wildlife.

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